Are you still quite new to contract business and architectural sales? Have you ever had anything to do with it?
Then CAMPUS is just the thing for you! In CAMPUS you can improve your basic knowhow and get a sound overview. It is important to get a good general understanding of what is involved in contract sales and of how to work with architects. You will develop a well-structured method of finding your way around successfully in the complex field of contract business. At the most there are 6 participants in a course. This provides an opportunity to answer all your questions and interchange experiences.

Please note: Currently all open courses are held in German-language. Please let me know if you are interested in an English-language course.

CAMPUS is currently offering the following:

The project business differs significantly from product sales in many respects. Contract business is dominated by complex interaction of many parties with different interests.

How can I find access to the project? Who plays which part? How do I get in touch with whom? How can I stay on top of things? How do I accompany the project over a longer period of time? How do I find suitable projects?
Together we will clarify these and many other questions concerning contract business

Benefits for you:

  • New prospects for your daily work
  • A systematic approach to contract business
  • Confidence in handling active parties in the project

You can look forward to a one-day seminar.

In contract business, a key role is played by architects, interior designers, landscape architects and other planners. However, they often remain a mystery to many sales people.
How do they work and come to decisions? What benefits can I offer them? How can I gradually get to know this target group?
And also, how can I get an appointment? How should I present myself? How can I maintain the contact?

Benefits for you:

  • A marked improvement in self-confidence when dealing with architects and interior designers
  • New and valuable input for your daily work
  • Systematic development of the architect/interior designer target group

A compact one-day seminar awaits you.

This is an offer to people working for manufacturers and dealers who want to concentrate on architects/interior designers.

Module 1: What should I know about architects? What should I offer architects? We will collect background information, the tools we need for work with architects, the benefits we can offer and how to find architects of interest to us.

Modul 2: Module 2: How do I get an appointment with an architect? What does he get out of it? We will crystallise from this the benefits that an architect has from his meeting with you, practice how to deal with objections, and create a guideline specifically for acquisition work.

Module 3: How can I excite an architect’s interest at our first meeting? How can I get him to remember me? A lively dialogue on an equal footing is the key to a good meeting. We develop the presentation and the questioning technique in order to achieve this goal. We will develop all sorts of methods for maintaining contacts which can be integrated into day-to-day activities.

Benefits for you:

  • A sound tool for cooperation with architects
  • A personal guideline
  • Rise in the number and quality of appointments
  • Marked improvement in self-confidence and elimination of stumbling blocks

You can expect an intensive workshop with three one-day modules.

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