Open events are designed for your personal development and have proved their worth over many years. Anyone who has to do with contract sales and cooperation with architects will find stimulation for his day-to-day work. Groups are small, the course intensive. Participants will develop practical knowhow and benefit from others’ experiences. The courses are designed for beginners, advanced and professionals. Take a look at the various formats.


Contract business and architectural sales: Campus deals with the entire process. What do I need to know? How should I proceed? How do architects think? How do I get the architect to specify my products?

Who is Campus for?


Target group architects: Training Camp is concerned with relevant topics such as:
How do I get an appointment with an architect? How can I excite an architect’s interest at our first meeting?

What training do you want?


Developing strategies: Think Tank requires foresight.
How can I manage the complexity involved?
How do I measure success? How is architectural marketing developing? How can I prepare myself for BIM?

What can you expect in Think Tank?
What are the events currently on offer?

Please note: Currently all open courses are held in German-language. Please let me know if you are interested in an English-language course.