A sound future in contract business – Actively shaping change

Does this sound familiar? You are a manager in the contract business or a successful contract consultant. You see that it is time to consider new aspects and start thinking about new approaches. You are constantly encountering issues which are or could be relevant to a successful future. You may have a couple of ideas but in the course of day-to-day work you do not have the time and the tranquillity to think them through to the end.

In that case, THINK TANK Contract is exactly what you need. Together with other professionals across all industries you will take a good look at the big picture from a different angle and develop new ideas and strategies. Problems will be considered in small groups and discussed in detail to come up with solutions, you will learn to view situations from a new perspective and find new approaches.

A THINK TANK consists of five to fifteen participants. A new problem will be discussed each time. How can I manage complexity? How can I measure the success of my work with architects? How is architectural marketing changed by the new media? How does the introduction of BIM affect me as a manufacturer?

This is how we make ourselves fit to meet challenges and coming changes in contract business and architectural sales.

Please note: Currently all open courses are held in German-language. Please let me know if you are interested in an English-language course.

When does the next THINK TANK take place?

What are the problems and topics that you would like to look into with other professionals? Please let me know!

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