Are you working in architectural sales or contract business? You want to improve your skills in this field and boost your success? Then TRAINING CAMP is the right format for you. Here you will freshen up and improve your knowhow in various sectors. Here you will concentrate on your personal development in dealing with architects successfully.

You will learn how to avoid mistakes and become more creative than ever.
A maximum of six participants will be training together. You can submit your personal questions in advance, and you will have the opportunity for intensive interchange of experiences.

Please note: Currently all open courses are held in German-language. Please let me know if you are interested in an English-language course.

The following are currently offered in TRAINING CAMP:

Because so many parties with the most varied interests are involved, contract business is difficult to grasp. You have probably experienced this yourself. At the beginning of each project you should ask yourself many questions – but which?
Who plays which part in this project? Where can I get all the relevant information concerning this project? and a great deal more.

In this TRAINING CAMP we shall review the questions relating to preparing and carrying out contract acquisition and go into them in great detail. We want to encourage you to develop creative versions, and to test them in practical exercises. You will practice how to obtain and use information about the project.

Benefits for you:

  • Understanding the course of the project and the roles played by the various parties
  • Obtaining and utilizing information on the project
  • Gaining an overview

You can look forward to a one-day training session.

Does this sound familiar? You were actually well prepared and motivated but your telephone call was not successful? If your telephone call was unsuccessful, you might just have omitted some minor points. How good is your telephone guide? How did you respond to objections? How did you present the benefits? What did you say to capture the architect’s interest?

During this TRAINING CAMP we shall refresh and go into everything that relates to preparing for and getting appointments with architects by telephone. With a number of practical exercises you will practice how to present benefits and learn how to handle objections creatively and promptly. You will recognize your mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

Benefits for you:

  • Final touches to telephone calls
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Raising the number of appointments

You can look forward to a one-day training session.

Does this sound familiar? You have an appointment with an architect. You present your products. But he does not get excited. How do you get an architect to take interest in your products? How can you talk to him on an equal footing? How can you create an agreeable atmosphere? And how can you ensure that he will remember you?

At this TRAINING CAMP we shall discuss in great detail everything relating to a first appointment. In many practical exercises you will develop creative variations for a first appointment and your presentation. You will realise what mistakes you have been making and learn how to avoid them in future.

Benefits for you:

  • Leading the conversation by asking intelligent questions
  • Making architects enthusiastic
  • Stimulating commitment

You can look forward to a one-day seminar.

Does this situation sound familiar? You are on duty at a trade fair, and lots of visitors come to your stand. After the fair you send out great quantities of information, but unfortunately with hardly any positive results as far as future contacts are concerned. How could you make better use of these opportunities? What can you do to appeal to your visitors? How can you gain more relevant information?

At this TRAINING CAMP, we shall deal with questions relating to your successful work at trade fairs. You will receive suggestions, draw up creative variations which we will test in many practical exercises. You will realise your mistakes and learn how to avoid them in future. You will have practical training on how to learn more about your visitors and make promising appointments after the fair.

Benefits for you:

  • Good preparation for the fair
  • Addressing trade-fair visitors effectively
  • Obtaining relevant information
  • Arranging appointments for after the fair

You can look forward to a one-day training session.

Which TRAING CAMPS are offered currently?

In what other areas would you like to have training? Please write and let me know.

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