Success in contract business and architectural sales

Success in contract business and architectural sales poses a major challenge to suppliers of construction materials and furnishings since these sales basically differ from straight-out product sales. A project involves many acting parties with different roles and interests. This makes business in this area interesting, complex and dynamic. Whether you are a manufacturer, trader or craftsperson, I will advise, train and coach you and your team to help boost your success. My activities will concentrate particularly on the process, to improve your structured, effective and professional activities on the market. You will benefit from my many years of specialization and experience in contract business and architectural sales.

See how many possibilities are open to you – including possibilities specifically tailored to your own needs.

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu sales projects architects

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu sales projects architects


Individual training in your company, a wide range of open workshops, consulting service regarding the possibilities open to you and support in achieving success – the choice is up to you!


The dates of the various open workshops are shown here. For beginners, advanced and professional participants – your special interest is sure to be included!


Thanks to my many years of substantial experience, I am in the position to point out promising courses of action – now and in the future. Get to know me better!

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Some personal impressions from clients:

„This workshop concentrated exclusively on practical matters and never took a clichéd approach.“
„I can recommend this workshop to anyone who wishes to improve their approach to architects.“
„By far the best workshop I ever attended (it was my eighth).”
„Wonderfully done! Kept a cool head despite oppressive heat! My respects!”
„To be recommended! A must for anyone who works with architects.”
„The seminar disclosed
new aspects to me.”
„Highly successful, great training!
Well structured!”

„You presented very clearly how a cooperation with architects can and should work. Great!”

„Understandable and well structured material, pleasantly presented.”

„A great opportunity to exchange ideas with people working in other sectors!”

„In a nutshell:
I learnt a lot for my work.”
„Structure, style and presentation of the seminar appealed to me both as regards content and personal appeal.”
„A small group, things could be discussed openly, very valuable tips. Definitely practical!”
„A great deal of experience,
very well prepared”
„Highly relevant material
presented with practical work in mind.”
„There was enough opportunity for discussion and I was able to ask my questions.”

Successful and always up to date!


Good decisions are based on knowledge – knowledge that brings you success.
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