Do you want to start, build up or further develop contract business? This will trigger a new process, which will affect many sectors of your company.

It is a good idea for you to invest in concept development, planning and process facilitation. With me at your side to advise you, you will avoid costly mistakes, delays and failures.

What I offer:

In my experience, people often underestimate the extensive changes caused by the introduction of contract business.

I will help you to see where you and your company stand. What are your goals in contract business and your work with architects? What are the obstacles in your way? What are the steps you must take to reach your goals?

This can take place in a face-to-face meeting or in a select group. With several participants, a strategy workshop is ideal. The participants should represent different fields of your company. They can then contribute a comprehensive approach to the workshop.

Result:  In the course of our consultations, we will plan measures. Then we shall lay down the blocks that are relevant for success, when they should be dealt with and implemented, and who should be responsible for them.

The contract business differs in many ways from the sale of products. This means many things will change for your team: Approach to the market, internal procedures, and your company’s strategy.

The response to such changes is often resistance. In my experience, sales people will often simply ignore the new procedure, maintaining that as long as they continue to meet the set sales targets, it does not matter how they get the sales. And if someone new is placed in charge of contract business, he will often be seen as a competitor, ignored or even boycotted.

How can you prevent this? What can you do to get all concerned to cooperate, consent to join the new system, and support it?

Those concerned should participate from the very beginning and join in the process of change. The objections expressed by individuals which often draw attention to serious obstacles, can thus be included in the discussion and thus solved in the course of the process.

I will support you here with methods adapted to your situation. These may be strategies or implementation workshops, team-building measures, focus interviews, best practices, moderation, training, etc.

Result: With my assistance, your team will be willing to accept changes, acquire a positive identification with the goals and will ensure that all involved are fit to perform the new tasks. This is the only way to achieve your goals successfully.

It is sometimes necessary to improve the expertise of a particular team member quickly to achieve success sooner. This may relate to sales, marketing or the management level. It may relate to a particular person who is responsible for contract business or a key account manager for architects and planners. No matter who is involved, I will stand by you and support you with coaching, mentoring and on-the-job training.

Result: My coaching and mentoring will rapidly give rise to competence and positive practical experience.

To work successfully with architects you will need tools to support planners. A useful website, CAD data, BIM objects, tender specifications, samples to mention a few.

But do your tools work? Are they available? Will they be accepted and used by planners? And where do you stand compared with other manufacturers?

To answer these questions I perform checks, surveys of your target group and test runs for you.

I will make the outcome available to you in the form of an extensive documentation, with recommendations.

What support do you need?

Let us discuss it. Just contact me!